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One of these things is not like the others

One of these things is not quite the same

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Some of the bats are cats disguised as bats (using umbrellas). But DON’T BE FOOLED

why do tourists never expect the bears here


Piatra Craiului Mountains.

i live in romania


where there’s no law

and no order

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Sesame Street ♥

i heard once that it takes about two and a half minutes for somebody to drown? certainly never took that long for me but i suppose i dont count and maybe not everybody swallows all they can and kicks down to rise instead of up to sink. we are strange.

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Romania’s got 8 medals in total by now.


Celebrating the Women of the Olympics // Sandra Izbasa — Team Romania Gymnastics, Gold Medalist in the Individual Vault Finals

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Just added some new stock to my online jewellery shop.

Trying to get it off the ground, give us a hand by checking it out :)

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